When my mother fell and broke her hip, I knew I was going to be faced with tough decisions that I had never had to deal with before. I was my mother’s caretaker, but all of a sudden, I was not sure I had the right answers — nursing home, and if so which one — in-home help after rehab if she was able to return home — how to choose the best agency, or hire private-pay help. It was an overwhelming feeling. Mr. Anderson was able to assist with making some of the hardest and most important decisions that I’ve ever had to make, how to best take care of the person who once took care of me. I had peace of mind knowing that mother’s needs were being met, while getting the respect and dignity she deserved. Mr. Anderson has a heart for the elderly and a genuine concern for helping families with this difficult challenge.

Recently, I had to make difficult decisions regarding the care of my mother and I called Rodney Anderson for advice. My career as a health care provider had not prepared me for the decisions that I had to make alone. I called Rodney and he listened to my concerns and we were able to walk through many things that confronted me and my family. His knowledge of the elderly and aging resources were invaluable to me and my family.